something cool

your choice of a FAB or a ZOOM
(they're probably a little more than 6d these days)(well, I know that they are)(and the sugar strands on the FAB don't cover as much of the lolly as they used to)(and I don't think that they are allowed to use the food colouring that made the top of the ZOOM so green anymore)(not that I'm moaning about the good old days!)(or am I?)


Rimshot said...

I don't know of Fab or Zoom (apart from here in I,SLTV land) but I grew up with their cousin Bomb Pop.

For your enjoyment, here are some links to a few images of same:

Dave said...

Ah, the good old days.

Anonymous said...

How about an Eskimo Pie? Or a slider. In NZ, long ago, we had the Topsie. Chocolate-coated vanilla ice cream on a stick. Today, they would not be allowed to run the advert, I'll bet.
(Will come back with a link if I find one)

Anonymous said...

try this

Christopher said...

How extraordinary! I come here from replying to comments at my place to find Fab and Zoom (don't know what happened to Mivvi) as if in telepathic response to a French equivalent I once came across called Zit.

Mel said...

Oh gosh!

Decisions decisions!

k...not sure I could do the spinkle thingies on my popcicle.

In which case it's the Zooooooooom please!

Zooooooooooooooom LOL

I'll be zoooooooomin' all day now. LOL