I couldn't resist another peak!

*happy happy happy sigh*

(how I wish I could be that lone surfer walking down the beach)


Dave said...

Wouldn't you rather be a surfer walking down the beach with a friend?

I, Like The View said...

is the friend offering to carry my board and hold my towel (so it doesn't get blown into a rock pool) and greet me with a hot cup of coffee when I emerge, icecube like, from the Atlantic Breakers?

if so, I'll skip the freezing dip and settle for the company of the friend, whilst sitting warm and cozy on the cliff, sharing the view!


Christopher said...

Apart from some places existing for the sole purpose of one's never getting there, in the sense that it's often better to travel in hope than to arrive, I can't see what's stopping you packing a bag this instant and hopping over to Paddington. Can't the kids look after themselves for a bit?

I, Like The View said...

if only! I'm sure that their father would be prepared to have them - it's not that

I have three weeks booked for this summer, so the thought of that will have to suffice in the short term

The Teen kindly told me this week that when he's a rich and successful artist, he'll buy me a place on the clifss so long as I promise to make myself scarce should he wish to spend some time there himself

I don't know which is the more imposible dream - my living on the cliffs at Polzeath, or the life of an artist being filled with financial wealth and critical acclaim

Mel said...

Ohhhh....what a lovely thing to look towards and look at.

We have no adventure planned for this summer.
Not sure why that is....
Maybe I oughta do that?

There's something to be said for a lurking, planned adventure! :-)

Dave said...


Zig said...

that's just beautiful . . . *sigh*

I feel that when The Younger is ensconced down there practicing her dark arts on the innocents of D&C I shall be visiting, a lot :)

X x X

Mel said...

And it's still a lovely view.....you'll get there soon enough.

As for me, today--I think it'll be the back yard and the patio swing...while the weather allows. Before it goes for round two of uckiness.

Never a dull moment! I'll weed and putz and convince himself that squish on the grill would be a good thing!

mig said...

Well when you get there for your holiday you can be a lone coffee drinker down there and we can look at the webcam and wave at you :)
Lovely Teen - we'll just have to hope for him to be successful and rich and happy. And to have a good memory :)