today I went to the RA Summer Exhibition

and The Teen kindly agreed to accompany me
I saw work by artists who I really admire, Donald Hamilton Fraser who sadly died last September; Fred Cuming (can't find many images of his on the web, so follow the link to the RA site to read more about him)

The Teen liked far more pictures than he did when I took him to last year's show. . . which I consider a bit of a result (and just goes to show how much difference a year can make at this age) and he was a great gallery companion (ditto); we both really liked a painting by Elizabeth Magil; he introduced me to the work of Bill Jacklin, an artist he has talked about before but whose work I was not familiar withit's not all serious stuff tho, paintings at the Royal Academy, and he bought a postcard of the following image for Teen Too (on the basis that T2 didn't name our cat who is called Jo Joe) (if you see what I mean)
Cowboy Joe from Mexico
by Angela Lizon

(this image is cropped, Joe has a sheriff's badge as well)


Dave said...

Well, if the cat's been cropped it's no wonder it looks unhappy.

Christopher said...

What fun! (The outing, that is, not cropping cats)

Have you ever come across this chap?

He's too Glasgow to appear at the RA, but I think there are certain aspects of his work that would appeal to your sense of colour and composition. Or maybe not.

Happy Sunday!

Mel said...

Awwww....what a good day for you and the Teen. And what a nice thing to do, the postcard.

No artsy stuff for us yesterday.
I did clear out the car which was a disaster on wheels....No postcard for that one. LOL

What a great way to spend a Saturday with the Teen. :-)

Mel said...

You cropped!! :-)


I, Like The View said...

Mel nope )-: no progress, it was cropped when I found it; but hey - I found it!

I remember the days of having to clean out the car *shudders*

it was a great day. . .

Christopher it was fun! I'll investigate your chap

Dave I didn't crop the cat, I think it looks glum because it didn't want its picture painted

Spadoman said...

I'm home, and I missed you, yes you!
I like the name of the cat, Joe ain't at all bad, in fact, it's a damn fine name, don't you think?
I like the web cam of the beach resort. Can you get close ups of the people on the beach?
I hope all is well for you and yours.


moreidlethoughts said...

What a great day out. And with Teen, to boot.

moreidlethoughts said...

Me again...I followed Christpher's link. Interesting.I'm sure my Dad would have liked it.

mig said...

I did enjoy looking through all those links.
As to the uncropped cat - I can't help feeling he thinks he looks silly in the hat. (And he has a point!)

mig said...

And how nice to have the Teen's company too : )