erm, ok, so it's not great but. . .

it's all that is available

(insert image of dried up old sandwich
with oily sweating cheese slice and limp lettuce hanging out of the edges
- I'd share the real thing with you
only I'm going thru an internet connection blackspot it seems)

(train menus aren't what they should be!) (on the other hand, what can you bring to the table dear reader?)


Dave said...

I always take a packed lunch.

Enjoy your hols. I'll be down in Cornwall next week myself. Perhaps we could fix up a blog-meet.

Mel said...

On occasion being a gluten free person DOES have its advantages! LOL

Pass on the oily cheese, limp lettuce sammich, ty.

And I'll be quite content with a cuppa coffee and the view from the matter where the window is. Seems I can always find something I can ramble on about. LOL

YEAH!! You're on Holiday! :-)

Spadoman said...

Can't wait for my post card! I'm on a diet anyway, Mel can have my share.
And I am drinking coffee again, the good stuff.

Have great fun!


Zig said...

BR sandwich - good grief you are brave!

Christopher said...

We'll be there in September - will you still be there? Will you have finished your sandwich by then?

Dave said...

Are you there yet?

Anonymous said...

Ziggi said it!
You should have travelled with me - I pack a decent lunch. Of what? Oh, sometimes thin brown bread sarnies of smoked salmon (with a wedge of lemon to add when you're ready), sometimes sushi...anything other than BR sarnies!
Have fun!