two on a train!

(I know, I can hardly believe it either
it almost didn't happen at all -
the cab didn't turn up and then I lost the tickets and the money. . . but after a minor panic (or three) everything sorted itself out and here we are. . . in the relative luxury that is C21st train travel travelling at high speed southwestwards towards Bodmin in Cornwall via Reading, Exeter, Plymouth and along one of my favourite stretches of English coastline railway where the train sits on a narrow ledge at the bottom of steep red sandstone cliffs and the sea between Dawlish and Teignmouth
(I'll try and find some images to share with you!)


Mel said...

*doing happy dance*

You're on a TRAIN! You'e on a TRAIN!

Ohhhhhh and the view sounds divine! :-)

Rimshot said...

Have a wonderful journey!