I,LTV takes it all back

I'm totally in love with my new netbookI haven't charged it for three days and the battery is only just now on its last (proverbial) legs; I'm sure I ought to be sharing with you what a wonderful time I'm having, but I'm so busy having it I haven't had an opportunity to write about it
I hope you have a great day


Dave said...

Carry on.

I'm sure you are.

Mel said...

There--now see, things have a way of growing on you, given the chance.

AND--you're at the seaside! :-)
What's not to like about weblogging from the seaside?!


Christopher said...

Oh dear. Just getting round to looking up old friends and may not get much further than I,LTV Towers tonight. Yes, a splendid day again, thank you, further enlivened by the story of Sabina's bike, which I'll tell you about in due course. Just off to make the Ovaltine...

Spadoman said...

Sorry I've been so scarce, I've been away, then went away again. Looks like you are away at a great beachside place and having fun! I hope that's the case for you. I am happiest when my blogger friends are happy.


Word Ver: Hotylis

I thought it said Hot Lips at first and wondered how you managed to get it to do that!

Mel said...

LOL @ Spadoman

I do hope you had a lovely day of it, ma'am.
And I hope it involved at least one good cuppa coffee. :-)

Mel said...

G'morning g'morning!!

I'm here even if the Moof Monster is eating all my comments!
Just sayin'.....

I'm hopeful it's a lovely day wherever you are! :-)

Rimshot said...

Typical female, fickle and extreme ;)

(of course, my dearest View, I wouldn't have you any other way)

Mel said...

Typical female, fickle and extreme?!?!

k....I'll forgive him for that remark....LOL

Zig said...

did you have a lover-ly time?

Wasn't bangor was it?

Mel said...

Oh....I'm going to conclude that you're still have a lovely time of it! Which is very very awesome. :-)

Happy Hump Day to you, ma'am!