blogging from the beach


(might have to relocate I,LTV Towers to a beach hut for a while. . .)(NOBGM says even one of those might be slightly out of my price range!)


Mel said...




I'm beyond happy for you and the sunshine, surf and sand...and beachhuts and rock pools and sunsets and sunrises and wee crabby guys and warm breezes and and and...... doggone gorgeous--
(all of the above AND the photos of where you're blogging from!!)


Mel said...

I'm soooooo trying not to be envious....

<-- will admit it's not working.

Dave said...

Already? How many months are you going to be in Cornwall?

Zig said...

room for a (not so) little one?

Anonymous said...

It's a bit cold on my beach today...could I bring a picnic?

mig said...

It's not quite so hot here today - I hope it is where you are : )