(I have a tea-towel with this image* on!) (*as photographed by the very talented Ella Doran) (the above - up arrow - photo is by yours truly) (moi) (*MWAH*) (geddit?) (x)


Mel said...

Uh oh.

Ummmm.....it IS a lovely photo and I do so love the colours.

I know that counts for something. LOL I'm just not sure what!

Dave said...

I wondr why the I is a capital letter.

Mel said...

*I* would find great use for that tray--and the toys on it. :-)

Happy Wednesday to you!

I, Like The View said...

(-: happy hump day, Ms Mel


(so much of her stuff is really really cool!!!! and fun!!! and kooky!!!)

Dave indeed

Mel I was just so chuffed to see it, having bought the tea towel from Tate St Ives about five years ago. . . I have a bag with another of her St Ives photos on, and love it so much - she was one of the first people to put photos onto bags and mugs and stuff, years ago now

I have some of her children's books too, which make wonderful "reading" - if you see what I mean

she has a great way with colour and detail

The Teen thought I was going loopy when I jumped up and down and was so excited to see the door, and then when I was climbing steps to take the photo he looked at me in a "you're loopy and you're with ME?!?!?!" kind of way (he's not so familiar with the all tea towels, you understand. . .)(yet); but when we got home to London and next helped with the washing-up, he gave me the biggest smile


Rimshot said...

I wish I had both a Studio 1 and a Studio 2.

I wish we all did!

I, Like The View said...

I'd offer to send you a tea towel, but I'd probably never get around to posting it. . . (and it is one of my most favouritest tea towels. . . might be hard to part with)

yes, a studio would be wonderful - these ones were positioned so that they faced north west, out over the bay where the Tate is, the light must be absolutely extravagently gorgeous there

whatever the weather

(I'll show you some photos of the bay later - not brilliant weather, but lovely nonetheless. . . I also came home with a few pocketsful of really interesting sand and some assorted beachcombing goodies which I'll get around to sharing with you too)(really interesting sand - will explain at some stage)

mig said...

How very CS Lewis - to enter a shop through a tea towel.