I ♥ Polzeath #2

the I♥NY logo is iconic, isn't it?
it was created by Milton Glaser as a gift from that city to the world. . .

. . .and the world has made it its own (yes, in the new millenium, Polzeath is all about surfing - more images soon!)


katherine. said...

maybe surfers are taking over the world???

I, Like The View said...

actually, for those in the know, Polzeath has always been about the surfing

I think the surfers took over the world a few decades ago

*goes off humming Beach Boys lyrics*

Mel said...

Ohhhhhhh.....AND it's a whitecup.


NO goobery thingies, huh?



I, Like The View said...

actually, I'm drinking tea from my white I♥NY cup right now, and it's covered in the things. . .

perhaps I drink tea like how you drink coffee. . .

. . .and I drink coffee differently?

Mel said...

I drink coffee by the gallons.

Ah HA! Perhaps that's the difference!!

<-- going to try a whitecup with tea

OMgosh....and I don't even particularly CARE for tea.

Apparently.....I'm obsessed.

*looks around for witnesses*

Shhhhhhhhhhh! ;-)