where does a journey on the www take you?

perhaps it depends where you start from. . .
. . .I started here:
(my morning)
and travelled via these guys. . .
to here:
then here:
(which I found here)
which I was led to by this:
which by pure coincidence I started reading the other day
(that's enough whiches)
(and yes, I am still refusing to see the film of TTTW)
(I'm in good company - Audrey N hasn't either)


Dave said...

Neither have I.

Mel said...

Nor have I.

Dunno that I want to--it was such a good book.
But it's cold out now.
And after I catch up from tricks or treats.....book are where I'm headed.
I now have two piles by the bedstand--makes it interesting to maneuver in the dark....LOL
Either I move 'em or I read 'em. :-/
Any bets?

zIggI said...

me neither, have yet to see a film of a book (that I've read) that hasn't been a disappointment in some fundamental way.

I would go to see Up though.

mig said...

Me neither. I see no need.

Ooh! Fubsy - isn't that in Jabberwocky?

Is the fearful symmetry good?

Anonymous G said...

Looking forward to reading Audrey's new book. (first name basis, we are...)

LOVED the TTW!! It's actually one my favorite reads. I don't want to see the film either.

so there!

Mel said...

(((((((((( ILTV )))))))))))

Happy Sunday to you!


I, Like The View said...

happy Sunday Mel!

G TTTW is my all time favourite book; as for HFS, I've started it - it's a page turner. . . am taking it on my trip (bought it for The Trip, but couldn't resist starting it alrady!!!) did you spot Ms Niffeneger's (I'm not on first name terms) art work in the link? (would you like a post card from LA, or is that like sending coals to Newcastle?!)

mig Fusby? Jaberwocky? I'm confused! it's proving excellent so far. . .

ziGGz Up? I'll have to research that. . .

Mel I put half the pile by my bedside into the bookshelf the other day, as I was tripping over them

Dave that makes two of us

Dave said...

I'm beginning to believe this film doesn't exist, as no-one has seen it.

mig said...

Fubsy - a forgotten word :)

I, Like The View said...

and there was me thinking it was a hat!



I, Like The View said...

Dave I've seen the trailer, so it exists somewhere. . . interestingly, Ms Niff won't see it either!

mig said...

A hat!!! What a brilliant idea :) a fubsy hat. Yes!

katherine. said...

neither have I.

for me...the only movie made from a book that did not disappoint was "the Bridges of Madison County" but maybe that had something to do with how short the book was...