today's dilemma

(the children have insisted on a real tree)for the sake of the planet (and Mini-Teen's conscience) I was debating whether a fake tree would have a smaller carbon footprint. . . and I know we all have to do our bit, but I don't have a car, I use public transport; I don't have the heating on during the day, I wear jumpers; I don't fly around the planet (obviously the trip to LA was a small exception to this rule) (oops), I travel by train to my holiday destinations; I recycle everything that can be recycled; I unravel old knitting to reuse the yarn. . .
oh, I'm rabitting on again, aren't I. . . what else in on today's todo list? decorating cookies!
. . . I'll take inspiration from wherever I can find it (*wishes for snow*)(yes, one can now find 3-D cookie cutters)
(my mother used to use pieces of cardboard,
which we'd have to cut around with a knife -
she'd be horrified by my cookie-cutter collection)
(that's a sad thought, isn't it? perhaps she'd be pleased
that I was still using her Norwegian recipe every year!)

one can make streets of the things. . .if you can't find a holiday snow-globe,
you can make one yourself!and this one is for you. . . (yes, you!) I know the tag is written with invisible ink,
but I can't get everything right, now can I?


Christopher said...

If you just lived next door...self-seeded Christmas trees grow like weeds in the jungle behind us, and it's a kindness to the others to thin them occasionally. I'll be going out with the chainsaw later on - could there be one with I,LTV on it?

Dave said...


Mel said...

OHmygosh.....I want 'em all!!!

Not that I'd be able to eat 'em. They're just too dang cute! :-)

Maybe ya oughta decorate the tree with the cookies!!

k.....maybe not! But cool!

And the tree--wellllllll....we did artificial. Cuz.


Anonymous G said...

Thank you for the cookie.
It is BEAUTIFUL. Too beautiful to eat. So I'll just keep it and not eat it.

Thank you :-)

<--hopes she can make some time to bake before 2010.

Mel said...

<-- baked yesterday

.....yeah, well...hardly call it baking given it's not with flour and not with the oven but with the stove.

So I didn't bake. LOL

But thank you for the lovely cookie! :-)

Fire Byrd said...

I never comment on my own blog comments anymore. So I've come over here instead. Thank you so much for your lovely supportive comment and the kendal mint cake, I'd forgotten that, it might be useful.
I appreciate your support and it is a pleasure to talk to you having seen you commenting for so long on dear Mel's blog

I, Like The View said...

byrd the pleasure is all mine!


Mel very glad you like your cookie! (why isn't the single of "cookies" cooky?)

G so glad you like your cookie!

Mel I once did a whole tree with edible cookies. . . and I once used the cookie cutters to make decorations out of fimo. . . those days are long gone now, but I still have some of the fimo polar bear decorations!

Dave my pleasure X

Christopher that's a very kind offer - thank you! I might just get the florists around the corner to deliver one of theirs tho. . . I'll bet that yours smells wonderful

nothing beats fresh pine (apart from perhaps a sea breeze)(or maybe a field of lavender)(or my freshly baked festive gingerbread - made with not only ginger but nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves)

Mel said...

Well there's an idea!
Let the florist do the delivering. Or ring the folks who sell 'em and see if they'll's the season, they just might!

Now on the second batch of fudge.
First batch is the kind the girl likes.....LOL THANK goodness!