there was a fire engine outside the house!

it's gone now - leaving me in a quivering wreck
so, quite a while back now, I was going about my daily wander, you know how it is - bits and pieces of grocery shopping to do, bookshops to peruse, hours to fill because I don't have a meaningful occupation with which to fill the spare hours of my day, ho hum. . .
and I noticed some lovely men, all dressed up in uniform

who were giving away free stationery
(you'll recall how the POVS never seem to have a ruler or an eraser or a paper-clip between them when it comes to homework time? I need all the free pens I can get my hands on. . .) (mind you, the LFB put a new meaning into a pencil full of lead don't they?) (and no, getting my hands on a pencil full of lead is not why I invited the boys round today) (not today, anyhow)

back to the plot

so, the LFB were basically offering a service where they come to your home and check it for fire safety and install smoke detector alarms at no cost to the householder - all in the name of fire prevention - and the free stationery was just a teaser to get you to stop and have the conversation with them (not that I needed an excuse to stop and oggle, I mean, have a conversation with the gorgeous hunks)

they came, they visited, they left

and having covered every inch of I,LTV Towers, (every inch of I,LTV Towers, not I,LTV you'll note), the LFB guys in question have pointed out to a very ashamed moi the places where fires could start and the things I could improve upon regarding fire safety. . .

only two minor infringements (one place, one thing) you'll be pleased to know - both involving electrical sockets (one where I had one of those old square block extension plugs in use - these are a complete no no as regards fire safety and should be replaced with a modern four-gang; and another where I had a four-gang plugged into an extension lead to reach the socket, because the four-gang lead wasn't long enough. . .also a no no)

but, I know this is the real question you want the answer to, did the gorgeous hunks I met when I was out 'n' about actually turn up at my door. . .

*long pause*

no, but these two did:



zIggI said...

I wonder if they do that round here, I'd like a visitor or two



Dave said...

I've had the brigade round twice, at my previous house. Pumping it out.

No female firefighters, sadly. Still, this is Norfolk.

Mel said...

Wow. Our small town volunteer firefighters made it all the way over there?

They didn't....ya know....mention some silly woman in Iowa whom they call by first name, did they?


Don't make me tell ya how many extension cords I have in use--OR that I, on occasion, burn candles and exit the room.
k....that really, really sends himself over the edge--which is why finding the candle warmer thingy when I was cleaning out cupboards was a really good thing.....

I, Like The View said...

Mel they also told me not to leave a mobile phone charger plugged in and turned on when not in use. . . very very bad, apparently

Dave the boss was a girl! and a very pretty one at that. . .

ZiggZ any kind of visitors, or just hunky/sexy firepeople?

Mel said...

*looks at the plugged in chargers not in use*

So.....if one is bad is three REALLY bad?

UH oh.....

Word ver "bamenspi"
Where's Spadoman!?

mig said...

Oh dear!
I think they'd have a field day at our house! I guess I could unplug the charger by the bed?
We do have a smoke alarm but it would need legs to deal with all the places where we've got extensions plugged into square adapters attached to more extensions!
(just a couple of ordinary guys then, at your place : )