his chair
installation view project space:
Chiharu Shiota

this is a new artist for me, I'm reserving my thoughts until I've seen more of her work at Haunch of Venison (a discrete, tucked away, gallery in London, where I pursued my love for the work of Richard Long - in an exhibition titled HERE AND NOW AND THEN - and where Rachel Whiteread has also exhibited)
I know it's not Dave's cup of tea, which is why I'll also be going to the RA to see and read the work and letters of Vincent van Gogh


Dave said...

I suspect you are right.

Vicus Scurra said...

Thank you for the continued efforts to instil art appreciation in me. Sadly, they are still not taking effect.

I, Like The View said...

I'll bet neither of you followed any of the links


Christopher said...

Shiota - mmm, don't think so

Richard Long - why not?

VvG - can I come too?

Mel said...



Malc said...

There's something about that I really like, quite apart from the fact it's reminded me I need to put new windows in the pigshed.
Is it a permanent exhibition?

mig said...

I like windows. Are you allowed to sit on the chair?
I love it when you go to exhibitions.

Spadoman said...

I have had a project in my head for years that includes the use of old windows. Now I know why I can't find any at the flea market anymore!
By the way, do you have flea markets in the UK? And with all due respect, do you know what a flea market is? mJust wonderin'


Word Ver: pureo

An Oreo sandwich cookie, (bisquit?), made by someone with pure thoughts. (I didn't enetr the contest and now I'm sorry about it, so I am doing word ver as I see one that makes something pop into my head. Hope that's okay)

More peace.

Mel said...

*waiting patiently*

Not so quietly, of course, but patiently.....

*humming happily*

I, Like The View said...

Mel some of the exhibits don't start until February, one of them I might get to this weekend

what are you humming?


man yes we do (flea markets) and yes I do (know that they don't sell fleas)

I have one in my head involving picture frames. . .

I love word ver definitions, and I like other peoples - I'd have said that that was a pureed oreo (to suck up thru a straw, along with a glass of milk) but I like your definition better!

mig I like your photos of windows, I don't think you can sit on the chair but I'll let you know!

Malc Haunch of Venison doesn't do permanent, I don' think. . . it reminds me that I need to sand down and repaint the French windows to the courtyard space


Mel (-:

Christopher the reason I like seeing art that I think I don't like, is because it makes me appreciate why I do like the art that I do like

you must have great exhibitions in Paris - are you near Paris?

Christopher said...

Yes, I understand this, tho' it seems to me that if you push this reasoning further than it becomes like indulging in auto-flagellation because it's nice when you stop.

We're MILES from Paris - nearest city is Montpellier, where there is the Musée Fabre that we go to sometimes. Last exhibition was of Alfons Mucha - quite interesting, but very samey and uninventive once you took away his twin muses of Sarah Bernhardt and his daughter Jarmila, who had nice eyes but arms like a catch-wrestler.

Christopher said...

Sorry - 'further than it will go...'

I, Like The View said...

oh no, I never go and see art quite that bad. . .

. . .if you're that far from Paris, you're probably further from London - you'll have to come to VvG viariously with me (like Mel does all my art experiences!)

I, Like The View said...

I knew what you meant

and I know what you mean about Mucha. . . for me, the equivalent is a Tiffany window. . . good for posters, lovely to be familiar with. . . but I'm not not necessarily a fan of rooms and rooms full of them