yeah yeah yeah

I could go on about how early, how cold, how dark it is
I could go back to bed (actually, I couldn't - not one of those types of people) (could you ever go back to bed, once you're up?)


I suppose I could come back when I'm a little more inspired (it is so cold, so early and so dark that I don't think my brain is in gear yet) (thus I'm not very inspired, a little inspired, but not very)
now, see, if I was having my early morning cuppa here:
all wrapped up in a lovely thick warm blanket, with a pair of chunky cable knit socks on, then I'd be inspired. . .


Dave said...

I can't go back to bed once I'm awake.

Not on my own, anyway.

I, Like The View said...

that's interesting

Vicus Scurra said...

I frequently go back to bed. Usually at the end of the day. Although I expect that is not what you meant. If it was what you meant, for how many years have you been awake?

Spadoman said...

Right now, it is cold, early and dark here where I live. I will not get back into bed today, but I have, on occasion, went to the sofa and laid myself down and even have fallen asleep again.
Those chairs, on the dock, I make those and paint them bright colors. I'll have to show you sometime.
I never remember the time difference between the UK and the USA. I'll have to look that up.


Mel said...

A meager 6 hours difference.


k.....not really.
Wide awake and raring to go!! I think it was that good pot of coffee. :-) IN the spiffy new maker, noless.

Have I ever mentioned the number of coffee makers in this house?
Yeah, well....add one more. :-D

Prezzie's are wonderful things!!

Mel said...

Oh shoot. Forgot to answer the question......
Musta been the gorgeous view from the dock, sittin' under the blankies, staring at the water.

HECK no, there's no going back to bed for me (well, until it's nite-nite time again.....).
Unless there's some ucky moment of unwellness involved--I'm full stead ahead until I'm tied down to do nite-nite.

I was a difficult child.


Rimshot said...

"could you ever go back to bed, once you're up?"

HECK YEAH! I do it all the time! As a matter of fact, I think I'll go back to bed right now.

I, Like The View said...

shot I'm about to go to bed now. . . in fact I'm so tired that I've forgotten what I was going to say

Mel you got a coffee maker! cool!

man apparently it's about a quarter of a day!

Vicus I'm off to bed, I'll get back to you in the morning

mig said...

But about the time difference - which way??????
I never go back any more. Once I've got as far as the kitchen I have to make coffee. But I used to, after the children had got on the school bus :)