Big hugs for a friend of mine.

Someone very dear to me is in need of a big hug. If I could be there in person, I would be - but I can't.

So this is for you: I googled imaged "big hugs", but thought that a teddy bear (or a cartoon of one) was a bit sloppy. Then I saw this, and was induced not by its cuteness or the fact it's looks like something I could have made, but by the thought that if you don't fancy acupuncture you could stick needles and pins into it.
It's crappy feeling poorly. It helps to write about the crappy sometimes.
I understand. Hope you get some answers soon, because that helps too.
(And I even put in some punctuation, especially for you!)


ziGGi said...

well my moneys on low iron - start collecting rusty nails for him to suck.

I, Like The View said...

was he ok when he visited you? he hasn't even visited this morning


Dave said...

Maybe he's so ill he didn't fancy getting up this morning.


I, Like The View said...

huzzah!!! you're here


I can't imagine you sleeping in. . . thought that was only for a lazybones like me


Vicus Scurra said...

Who is this person? Has he considered a foreign holiday, to Euthanasia perhaps?

I, Like The View said...

I'm not sure, Vicus. . . but I hope he's considering a lovely break by the sea in excellent company, Cornwall perhaps, the Atlantic coast maybe. . .


Christopher said...

Cornwall? To go further would be Scilly.

Dave said...

Oooh. If he went there in August, he might be around to see Chris' new grandchild.

Mel said...

Cornwall is lovely. I'd go there!

Poor thing.
*sending prayers and huge hugs*

I, Like The View said...

Cornwall is lovely Mel: expect postcards sometime in August


(I think the hugs help)

Dave a blue cat, I believe (unless I'm getting my facts and kittens comfused)

Christopher I'd love to visit the isles. . . but then I'd love to go to Ireland again too. . . and Isle Nourmoutier again again - so many places, so little in the bank


but hey - I'm not complaining. . . everytime the sunshines, I think of the Polzeath sands and stream and rockpools twinkling in the light