what the cats brought in next

so you'll remember the mystery of the egg?
no! well, who can blame you really. . . so much time has passed, so much water under the proverbial bridge (it's here if you've forgotten - pay attention at the back) (the egg shown is available at my local supermarket, a snip at only £18.99 - big enough to make an omlette for 24 people, if you can imagine anyone with a pan big enough to cook it)

and now. . . the cats, between them, are offering me flowers - sadly not peonies (I bought myself a bunch of those the other day - I love peonies)
sadly frost bitten camelia buds
(imagine those buds all wilted and orangey)

oh well - as my mother used to say "never look a gift horse in the mouth" (even a horse's mouth wouldn't be big enough for a 24 egg omlette)


dinahmow said...

Your cats brought a Mothers Day gift? I should be so lucky! Sporran was sick and Geiger poked me in the eye to get me out of bed.

Christopher said...

La Dame aux Caméllias? H'm.

(but I remember the egg saga very well and the lengthy breakfast conversation trying to account for it.)

Dave said...

The flowers are starting to bloom in my garden. I wish you could see it.

Mel said...

Blooming flowers--boy, we're weeks behind you. But frosted, wilted--we've got!

What nice kitties.
And what a HUGE egg....omgosh.
They actually sell them in the grocery store?!
No way.....

Spadoman said...

I sent flowers, didn't you get them?
We used to live in an apartment building and the young gal who lived upstairs worked at a University of Minnesota Agricultural Farm. They had a project going on with turkeys. She'd bring home these huge turkey aggs. They didn't make an omelette that would feed 24, but one egg was big enough to feed three kids when I scrambled it.