*feeble wave*

(rubbish internet connection)
(do mobile-phone-internet-dongle-techno executives never visit Cornwall on their holidays?) (I tried visiting you guys, but didn't have enough strength to comment) (perhaps I should try and fix up a blog meet with Dave and get him to sort me out!)


Christopher said...

Never mind. I consider myself lucky to be feebly waved at, when it never enters the head of the rest of a massive 99%+ of the earth's over-teeming population to do so.

Happy hols.

Dave said...

I'm not much use at modern technology, but could bring two tin cans and a lenth of string to a blog-meet, if that's any help.

I thought you had a teenage son with you. That's what they are for isn't it?

Rimshot said...

Will there be postcards?

Mel said...

Ohhhh.....let the kiddo have a go at it. ANY kiddo.

Heck, my 14 year olds are WAY advanced in the art of computery stuff. They've never been stumped by the stupid cellphone I've had to carry for work purposes.

I, on the other hand......still stumped by the darn thing! :-/

Mel said...

OH OH OH!!!!

*happily waving back*


Mel said...

*waving again*

See--they come in handy!!

k......emailing address!!
I think...LOL

mig said...

Ooh! I missed this - hope it's not too late. emailing address now!