so, what's been distracting me from

all you good people? colours, basically. . .

azurite greenand moss greena heather purplethe pink that you find on the inside of a mussel shell (kind of a lavender pink, almost a sky blue pink)a deep dusky rose pink a bright fuscia pink (midway between fuscia and gerbera)a pale pink (that I can't find a match for and won't try to explain); a coral colour similar to orange tomatoesand a bright poppy red yes! you guessed it: my randomly striped acrylic (*GAK*) jumper has taken shape (a shape of my own devising, if you recall - floppy oversized not-quite-a-roll neck with raglan shoulders and a simple rib on the sleeve and body cuffs)

as I knitted away contentedly I was aware that perhaps the only colour missing was a malachite blue. . . (in fact, if I had been knitting with wool it might have been like knitting with gemstones. . . . . .but acrylic yarn is much brighter in its own chemically false way so it's more like knitting with children's plastic beads) (the sort that would be thrown at you during a carnival procession) (I had a friend from when I lived in NYC who was at uni in New Orleans and every year she'd send me a huge envelope filled with Mardi Gras necklaces)
(that's almost what the colours in this jumper remind me of
now I come to think about it)

if I'd added the malachite in, the blue would have made all the other colours sit differently together and that wouldn't have worked at all - see, if the moss green is next to the dusky rose, it looks totally different to how it is next to the orange tomato coral pink and different again next to the magenta of the fuscia; I love it when colours do that - sometimes they blend together seemlessly, sometimes they zing

I hope that whatever project
you have set your mind to today
is completed with total satisfaction
or at least that peaceful feeling of
"good enough"



Zig said...

I made some chaps :)
And a Woody waistcoat for Himself
And a Sheriff's badge
fancy dress party :-/

Christopher said...

Could we be allowed a sneak preview of this - what should I call it? 'Garment' sounds a bit pompous and I don't mean that at all: creation? artefact? - before it hits Cornwall? Amazing colours!

I, Like The View said...

Christopher I've just mended the camera on my phone, so you will indeed be able to see the "garment"

be prepared, be very prepared

Zig very creative!! and who, pray, are you going as. . .

this or this?!

Mel said...

Ohhhhhh...sounds pretty! Yes please--a peek at the creation would be fun.

Oh. And last night I repotted plants.'s early and surely you wouldn't expect me to set an agenda on only one pot of coffee!


Dave said...


Vicus Scurra said...

You were doing so well. The male brain can grasp the concept of "Purple", "pink", "red" and "blue". But, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, "fuschia" is not a colour.

Dave said...

Another morning.

Spadoman said...

I'm sitting in anticipation of seeing this garment in the hopes that the photograph will be of you wearing it.

Rimshot said...

Happy Monday!

"mended the camera on my phone" brings to mind images of you, a sewing kit and the tiny technological terror. :)

Even being colorblind as I am, the azurite green and almost sky blue pink colors are amazing!

I, Like The View said...

oh shot - if only I'd thought of that, it would have been a much easier made-do-and-mend job!


man I'll try and get the photo sorted (need to find the camera cable) but I wasn't wearing the jumper at the time. . .

. . .that preserves my much needed mystique for a while longer


Dave a good one, I hope

Vicus it's a purpley-blueish-red kind of pink

I hope that helps


Dave see above

Mel talking of repotting plants, I also took a photo of the new front strip!! now, where's that darn camera cable?!?!?!?

hope your coffee was excellent (whether it helped you focus or not!)

mig said...

I've never seen malachite blue. It's amazing. 'Tis going to be a thing of wonder - joining the please can we see it chorus.
'mended the camera on my phone' Wow! The cleverness!

Mel said...

Oh noooooooo....the dreaded camera cable is MIA again?!
BAD cable!

Happy Tuesday!!

*waving to Dave*

(think he misses your morning greeting!)