one day, when walking on the cliffs, I saw a set of stones that seemed to mark out a path. . . I followed the path and this (up arrow) was at the end of it

I wondered, at the time, what the path led to the heart for (I've tried, but I can't write that any more grammatically)

now, however, on reflection, I'm just glad that I had my trusty phone camera to hand



Mel said...

Wish I'da thought to do that on our wander about...

What an awesome discovery.
I'm glad you were led there, too. If for nothing more than to capture it for all of us to see.


Zig said...

:) sweet, to make you smile no?

Dave said...

I don't think I left that there, but I might have. I am a bit absent-minded.

Christopher said...

I'm sure they were put there just for you to find them.

I, Like The View said...

Christopher my good self and many many others

Dave it was before you arrived

Zig YOU'RE BACK!!!!! have a good hol, honey? hope so XXXXX

Mel I secretly thought that someones had perhaps gotten married there, on the cliff, overlooking the beach. . . was a bit of a chilly cloudy day, hope they were dressed for it!

Spadoman said...

Very nice. I see the love in it.


Mel said... that could be.
Or maybe someone just decided to leave the world a message to be discovered by those who dared to wander.


mig said...

It's a lovely find and at least one lovely person found it :)