holding pen

(where my thoughts are
while I go off in search of coffee)


Spadoman said...

Would love to share a cup with you while watching the cardinals at the feeder. They are so bright in the white of the snow and blue of the sky. Sipping coffee inside while it is freezing outside is a good thing.
What are temps where you live in Winter?


zIggI said...

Hot chocolate for me please, it's damn cold isn't it?!

mig said...

Hope you found coffee!
Freezing! (a bit - not like it freezes in some places but much more than the sort of limp, cold dampness that we've got used to in the last few years)

I, Like The View said...

mig I did! it's pretty nippy, so I've beenmaking hot top ups all day long


ZigZ Mini-Teen's been having those all day long - she sounds like a hot water bottle when you tickle her!

man I'd love to sip some at the end of a deck on the edge of a lake, wrapped in a blanket, watching the mist rise. . . it's not that cold here by your standards, only around freezing. . . snow forecast again for London (where I am, just south of the river) by mid-week, think it's a tad colder around the rest of the country

Mel said...

<-- sat inside watching the sunrise

At -18 actual temp......inside was a very good thing.

That'd be somewhere around.....oh.....hold on!

(must consult with himself!!)

-32.7 C

k...how about if I just say FREAKING cold. :-/

Rimshot said...

Coffee would be wonderful right now.

I used to have a small (VERY small) collection of fine writing instruments. The one in your picture looks nice. I should really try to find where I put those pens of mine.

I, Like The View said...

shot I hope you find them! I love writing with a pen with a decent nib. . . these days it's mostly felt-tips or biros tho

Mel I experienced the minus 30s when I autumned/wintered in Alberta - that's very very cold!!

Mel said...

Where'd I put my fountain ink pen?

Anybody know?


Rimshot said...

Mel, I think it's with my pens...I'll continue the search

Sigh to the second power

I, Like The View said...

I'd just like to know where any of the pens/pencils/rubbers (erasers)/rulers are. . .

. . .what is it with children and stationery????????

Mel said...


Found the pen--in the pen/pencil box on the 'puter desk's shelf.

Might try looking there, sir. Ya never know!

<-- knows where the stationary, pens/pencils/erasers/rulers are

(same shelf on the 'puter desk!)

<-- feeling smug about that one!